Saturday, January 10, 2015

There are good times for you if you have these skills!

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining? Middleware and Integration Software? There are good times for you if you have these skills!

 "Statistical analysis and data mining" topped LinkedIn's list of the 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014,  moving up from number 5 in 2013.

"We live in an increasingly data driven world, and businesses are aggressively hiring experts in data storage, retrieval, and analysis. Across the globe, statistics and data analysis skills were highly valued"  Sohan Murthy, research consultant at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post.

Glassdoor reports a median salary of $118,709 for a data scientist and  $64,537 for a programmer.

If you have any involvement in data analytics and want to develop your career, is worth learning some of the most commonly used tools:

- R and Python;
- Excel;
- SAS and SPSS;

There are lots of roles that involve working with analytics and big data, but some of the most common titles are:

- Data Analyst - Common skills that you will be asked for include SQL, R, SAS and Excel, and often Hadoop.
- Data Scientist - As well as the analytics skills that an analyst will be expected to have, data scientists will be expected to have programming skills (Java or Python).

In 2014, for the second year, O'Reilly Media conducted an anonymous survey to expose the tools successful data analysts and engineers use, and how those tool choices might relate to their salary.

By a considerable margin, the most broadly-used software was SQL , which was selected by 71% of respondents.

R and Python were the next most widely-used tools — they were selected by 43% and 41% of survey-takers, respectively.

"R and Python are likely popular because they are easily accessible and effective open source tools for analysis",the authors of the report note.

Moreover, statistics has been working on collecting and analyzing data even before computers existed. Whatever technological revolutions that may occur, statistics will remain relevant because if we can measure something, we improve it.

Related skills were also ranked highly:
6. Business Intelligence
10. Perl/Python/Ruby
11. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

The rest of the LinkedIn's list was populated by tech skills.

Hottest Skills of 2014 on LinkedIn:
1. Statistical analysis and data mining
2. Middleware and integration software
3. Storage systems and management
4. Network and information security
5. SEO/SEM Marketing
6. Business intelligence
7. Mobile development
8. Web architecture and development framework
9. Algorithm design
10. Perl/Python/Ruby

Last year, the top 2013 LinkedIn skill was Social Media Marketing, with Statistical Analysis and Data Mining ranked at 5.

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