About me and why I started this blog

Why I started this blog…

Hey All,

I have always been the girl that talks too much. I needed somewhere to put all the thoughts about what I believe in... This is why I have started this blog.

About me

I'm Madalina T, a web designer and a web developer living in Romania. I build clean, appealing, and functional websites which comply with the latest web standards. But that’s just a part of it. Design is what I love the most, but I also love online marketing and PR.

As part of my job, I am continually researching SEO, web design, php and tech stuff. I’ll share my views on web issues, various online services and other assorted web programming and design topics.

The Web Development and Web Design blog was created to share ideas, tips, and advice with those involved in creating, maintaining or developing content for Web sites and blogs.

So keep visiting.

Thank you!
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